Packster canopy

We recently ordered a new cargo bike, the Riese and Müller Packster. We got the long box, which they do not make a canopy for, so we’ll be ordering a custom canopy through Blaq but we recently got a chance to see the elusive R&M canopy for the short box Packster at G & O Family Cyclery in Seattle. It has two levels that the canopy can be left at.

The lower level is quite low. You can see here that it’s quite a bit shorter than the Blaq canopy on the Bullitt next to it.


And here’s my 80th percentile 18 month old sitting inside it. You can see that he’s only got a few inches over his head and he doesn’t even have a helmet on for these pictures.

However, there is another level that the canopy can be set to, using the ropes in the back that hook it onto the box. This raises the canopy a good bit (~6″) though it does leave a small gap along the sides.


And when you see it next to the Bullitt cover again you can see that we’re now only looking at a few inches of difference in height (maybe ~3″) instead of close to a foot. The shape is still very different though. More aerodynamic than the Blaq cover but less space near the front of the box which would make it hard to add another kid at the front of the box or something like that.


I was not able to convince my son to get back in the box for more pictures with the canopy raised.

Overall I think it’s better than I was expecting based on the photos from the R&M website, but I’m not particularly disappointed that we don’t have the option of a R&M cover for the long box version that we ordered.

5 thoughts on “Packster canopy

  1. Good summary of the differences of the canopy! For us, the canopy was one of the deciding factor, and we liked the most the Bullit canopy, with strong zips and frame.

    I’d be interested in a deep – long term evaluation of using the Packster!
    Did you try it before buy?

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    1. I’m planning to write another couple of posts shortly detailing our selection of our first (Yuba BodaBoda V3) and second (Packster 80) cargo bikes. We did test ride quite a few bikes, being lucky enough to live in the PNW of the US where there are many stores that stock cargo bikes of various sorts. Right now we still have about 3 weeks to go before our Packster is expected to arrive. I’m definitely planning a thorough review once we’ve used it for a while. I actually don’t think I’ve seen a single review for the long box version!

      We’ve also test ridden the Load several times and are planning to rent one for several days soon. My husband has fallen in love with it and is pretty certain he wants to replace his commuter with it. So you’ll likely see a review of the Load soon as well. Both for commuting and general use and as a secondary kid carrier.


  2. You guys have inspired me to finish up some posts I started sketching out on our family biking story so far. Just got the one up about our Boda. One more to follow about selling the Boda, our box bike test riding, and picking out the Packster. Probably something in the next few weeks about the Load. Then a more in depth review of the Packster after it comes in (which will theoretically be at the end of the month). I’m excited to get some more out there about the R&M bikes!


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